Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'Beth, I hear ya callin, but I can't come home right now..'

'Beth' by Glee Cast gently floats around the room. Although the song may be sad, on this day it brings good spirits. As much as I miss Bethie, I'm not going to be depressed on her birthday, definitely NOT! I have to be happy and smile. No matter what happened between Peter and I. No matter that we're.. over. I won't get choked up. Feel free to stop me if I do.

Later that day, I half-skip outside and all the way into town where a Canada Post office was located inside of Shopper's Drug Mart. I lick the flap of Bethie's parcel and smooth it downwards. I am quite satisfied with Bethie's gift. Every sister has contributed. A card here, a poem there, a painting, a pocket purse.. Hopefully she'll enjoy it, I say to myself. But I know she will.

'Oh Beth, what can I do?' I hum to myself. 'Beth, I know you're lonely..'

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. It's a text from Erin:

"sonny, i know you're sentimental and all but get your ass back home so we can get this skype thing over with. kirsten might piss herself if you don't hurry up."

I used to laugh at these texts from Erin, but I'd gotten used to them. They were still quirky enough to make me smile in spite of everything, though. On Erin's command, I march home and into the living room. Kirsten and Elizabeth are squat in front of the desktop computer, with the remainder of my sisters waiting patiently behind.
"But what does this little button mean?" Kirsten points at the screen.
"Kirsten," Elizabeth huffs, "That's the iTunes logo. Can't you tell? It has a music note on it!"
"Elizabeth," Felicity warns, "It's not Kirsten's fault."
There they are. My typical, cheery sisters. Notice my use of sarcasm, hem hem.
"Hey guys." I let them know I'm there.
Kirsten turns on her heels. "Oh, Sonali! We need you. If this Skype mission-thing is going ahead as planned, you're in control. Go on." She pushes me in front of the computer and gestures to the keyboard as it's some odd alienated item.
I am quick to press the Skype button and it loads up in no time. I press "Bethie" and then "Video Call". The Skype custom ringing plays. I wait, my stomach balled up in nerves and anxiety.

The computer makes a sound like a bubble being popped and suddenly, Bethie and Gracelynne are filling up the computer screen. They wave and their faces split into ear-to-ear grins. For Gracelynne, she's seeing a twin that she hasn't seen in forever. And for Bethie, it's seeing.. me.

"Bethieeeee!! Ahhh!" I wipe a happy tear away before it can roll down my cheek.

I wish dearly that the Skype conversation could have lasted eons and eons of days, but Kit finally came forth and literally dragged Erin and I out of the room. It was the first day in a long time that I felt truly happy, and special. As if I could do something worthwhile and be who I want to be. Peter didn't matter. Well, at least he won't until I wake up tomorrow and remember the horrible things he said.

For once, I was HAPPY.



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